Donovan Smith, a native of the Pacific Northwest, brings with him a wealth of knowledge, both learned and discovered, in the creative & technical processes of metalsmithing and jewelry design. Donovan received a degree in metalsmithing & went on to apprentice under master Goldsmith Gary Dawson, where he had the opportunity to hone his technical skills. After moving to NYC, he continued the mastery of his craft by producing jewelry for several well-known designers.
Donovan works from his Brooklyn jewelry studio creating sleek and stylish wearables.

I want to get lean and mean, keep it minimalist.
John Cale

A common trend in todays jewelry world is to market yourself as a ‘jewelry designer’. Someone who is adept at sketching ideas on paper while subcontracting the actual making process. A core ideal of Donovan’s is that a person is adept at executing all the techniques that bear their name. Craftsmanship is paramount.

DSDS jewelry is handmade in Brooklyn.

all images ©DSDS

Jewelry photography by studio549